AL-KO adds Mercedes-Benz compatibility to HY4 hydaulic levelling support system

One of the motorhome industry’s leading manufacturers of chassis and other accessories, AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group, has made its popular HY4 levelling support system available for the majority of motorhomes based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. The company has added six new variants of the HY4 for the current Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base vehicles with front or rear-wheel drive – including two and three-axle AMC and SLC chassis, MB original frames as well as vans. The mounting and assembly kits for the steady leg system have been newly developed for this. They have been developed according to AL-KO’s development and testing guidelines and put through their paces by Mercedes-Benz in terms of component compatibility.

AL-KO has also adapted the control system for the electronics to the safety device guidelines required by Mercedes-Benz, meaning that the HY4 has become the first hydraulic support system on the market to receive a compatibility certificate from Mercedes-Benz.

About HY4

Even though pitches may look even at first glance, they are usually not really level at all. If you don't want to park on a slant, you can use wedges to straighten the vehicle. This can take a while depending on the angle of inclination. Automatic transmission can also make it more difficult to drive onto the wedges. On some pitches, levelling with wedges is not even possible. The AL-KO HY4 support system, on the other hand, can automatically level a motorhome weighing up to six tonnes on a parking space precisely: It only takes about one minute. At the same time, it ensures stability in the living area when parked. The system also comes with a weighing function if desired.