Alphavan breaks new ground with Starlink connectivity for motorhomes

German luxury motorhome and campervan manufacturer Alphavan is taking connectivity to the next level in its leisure vehicles with the addition of Starlink – claiming to be the first manufacturer in the world to do so. Alphavans that are ‘Ready for Starlink’ will have an internet connectivity and data rate that will exceed DSL networks and will allow people to use their campervans as mobile offices of for high quality video streaming even when off-grid and miles away from infrastructure.

Philipp Wex, co-founder of Alphavan, said: “Starlink is the logical next step for the Internet connectivity of our customers. We want to provide our customers with even more independence – no matter where they are. For us, this is another component of the greatest possible comfort – customers can decide for themselves where they want to work or be entertained. The new Starlink tariff structure is a perfect fit for campervan travel. You only pay when you really need the system. With the right accessories for the Alphavan, the setup of Starlink is as easy as child's play.”

The satellite dish that enables Starlink can be installed seamlessly onto an adapter on Alphavan vehicles, while all internal cabling is also prepared and ready. Users will then be able enjoy ground-breaking internet connectivity wherever they are using a pay as you go tariff to keep it flexible depending on the needs of the user.