Aus J aims to expand into new markets with RV shower system

One of Australia’s most successful RV hot water system manufacturers, Aus J Hot Water Solutions, is launching a new shower system designed to cater to the growing and changing demands of the camping market. The Sydney-based company has revealed the EZY RV external shower point outlet – a robust and versatile new product that fits many major global brands of RV water systems as well as Aus J’s own international ranges.

“That way users can choose to cost-efficiently build an outlet system tailored to their individual needs or chose the complete boxed EZY RV set in which we have included top-of the-market materials, ergonomics and usability features throughout. It represents the cream of our experience working with RV OEM producers globally,” said Aus J Hot Water Solutions’ designer and managing director, Jay King.

“We find many RV DIY people like to customer-build their own system from individual components, while others (particularly newer RV adventurers, including younger couples, travellers with pets, and independent women RV users) prefer to be supplied with all components in one EZY RV set. the set can provide top choices from the one boxed set.”

The boxed EZY RV external shower point outlet set features a large shower head for better feel and water coverage, push and turn activation, a lock-off trigger, simple and secure clamps to attach to the outside of an RV, a two-metre shower hose, adjustable handle to control temperature, and a durable netted bag for storage when not in use. Jay and the Aus J team are hoping to expand the company’s network of global distributors with this product, which they see as having great scope in Australia, the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Jay added: “The Covid pandemic has fuelled a global boom in RV and marine adventuring within many countries’ own borders and waterways.

“Our OEM customers across several continents are reporting RV demand more than tripling over three years. And both our OEMs and our DIY customers tell us that, what is different from the past, is that more women are becoming involved in RV and boat recreation and they insist on creature comforts like hot water and showers for the kids, pets and themselves.”