Car camping brand Luno celebrates year of exponential growth

American brand Luno is celebrating a year of exponential growth after its range of car camping products – including air mattresses, window screens, fans, pumps, and fitted sheets – received a huge surge of interest during 2020 and 2021. The company only launched in 2018 with a single air mattress for cars as its only product but has now grown its range to offer everything you could need to create a comfortable and convenient life of camping in your car on the road. 

Luno founder Pete Ducato said: “We’re expanding our product offering because we’re listening to our customers. 

“They’re the best judges of what’s practical and necessary in the field, and we’ve found them to be our best guides. We’ve developed and evolved our product line by listening to their needs and adapting that to what we think would benefit their car camping adventures.”

Luno continues to evolve and grow its offering of comfortable sleep solutions, developing specialized mattresses for more than 1,800 vehicle makes and models. This month, Luno is launching a mattress specifically designed for Toyota 4Runners, as well as an official partnership with Winnebago, offering an innovative front cab mattress for camper vans. 

Pete added: “I grew up in a small town in the Midwest, not too far from Winnebago’s HQ and as a kid that was a name I saw on practically every corner. They are a brand with such a loyal customer base, and we are extremely proud to be collaborating with them.

“Our goal at Luno is, and always has been, to create a new category in the outdoor marketplace: comfortable car camping. In 2022, we’ll expand our sleep ecosystem, add accessories to organize and elevate the car camping experience, introduce van accessories, and roll out products specifically for trucks and off-road vehicles to complete the car camping experience.”