Caravan and motorhome tourists are 'happier and more environmentally aware'

A new survey by Growth from Knowledge and the German Caravan Industry Association (CIVD) has revealed that caravanners and motorhomers are happier and more environmentally conscious than other tourists.

The group of caravanning holidaymakers surveyed assess their personal well-being more positively overall than the average population. The statement “I am a cheerful and good-tempered person” would be agreed to by 69 per cent of the overall population and 79 per cent of caravanning tourists. The statement “I am positive about my future” was agreed to by 65 per cent of travellers with a leisure vehicle. This is an increment of 10 per cent points compared to the average population. The subject area of nature and sustainability is also very important to caravanning tourists. The caravanning target group is not only paying more attention to sustainability on the road. The statement “I try to get around in an environmentally friendly way in everyday life” was answered in the positive by 66 per cent of caravanning tourists, a remarkable difference of 13 per cent points compared to the population as a whole (53 per cent).

A statement from CIVD on the survey said: “Caravanning is not only a pandemic-ready, but also an ecologically compatible form of travel, which makes it particularly suitable for tapping into the potential for added value in tourism in rural areas.

“Areas that are still underdeveloped in terms of tourism can exploit this potential for themselves, as the necessary investments are relatively low and can be implemented quickly. Environmental compatibility is one reason why younger people in particular are interested in a caravan or motor caravan vacation. Therefore, the caravanning industry will work together with the tourist destinations to further develop the offers for caravanning holidaymakers. The high level of agreement among caravanning travellers on sustainability issues also shows that caravanning can play an important role in the tourism industry in achieving climate goals. Sustainability and experiencing nature will play a very important role in the future, especially in the tourism industry.”

See the full survey here.