Caravan Industry Association of Australia welcomes more diverse board

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) has achieved a significant step towards its own diversity goals after its recent national board elections resulted in more than 40 per cent female representation.

The CIAA welcomed Kate Meldrum, Martin Cotterell, Grant Wilckens, Nikki Milne, Chris Woods and Margaret Shannon onto the board for two year terms following successful elections. Kate Meldrum, Martin Cotterell, and Grant Wilckens were re-elected with three new members - Nikki Milne, Chris Woods and Margaret Shannon joining them.  Current board members Donna Cocking, Brad Slater and Gerard Waldron were not subject to re-election and will continue to serve for another year ahead of a ballot in November 2022.

The results mean that four of the nine board members are now female, which is great progress towards CIAA’s own diversity targets in order to make its organisation more representative of wider Australian society.

“Today we see a real changing of the guard,” said CEO of the CIAA, Stuart Lamont. “We acknowledge the tremendous contribution of the retiring board members and look forward to new debate ahead. The industry has many challenges and opportunities ahead of us, and we welcome the addition of three individuals just as committed and passionate about what lies ahead as those who have retired today.”

The CIAA also thanked retiring board members Dennis Austin, Chriss Goddard and James Kelly who it says “each have offered their considerable expertise, business acumen, hard work and support over at least three consecutive board terms”.

About the CIAA national board

The National Board for Caravan Industry Association of Australia is comprised of up to nine individuals from across the industry with no more than five board members involved in the same Caravan Industry Category (Parks or Trades) as identified at the time of their nomination.  The term of office for each elected director is two years.  .  In accordance with our constitution, Grant Wilckens will remain as Chair for a period of one year before subjecting himself to a further vote of extension by state associations, with other office-bearer positions to be determined at the first meeting of the new Board.