Cathargo c-compactline: the choice of Tour de France winning cyclists

The life of a professional cyclist can be gruelling. Months and months of hard training for punishing multi-day races that see them cycling all day and travelling all night to get to the start of the next stage for the following day. Comfort is often hard to come by for these tough men and women when they need to get their rest – and that’s where a good quality motorhome comes in. 

Leading motorhome brand Cathargo has agreed to supply the 2020 winner of the Tour de France Tadej Pogĉar with a c-compactline motorhome to be based from for his races in the 2021 cycling season – and according to Cathargo, it is a match made in heaven. Tedej began his professional cycling career in 2008, the same year in which the first of these Cathargo motorhomes came off the production line – it seems the stars were aligned from that moment onwards. Slovenian Tadej surprised sports fans around the world last year when he became the youngest ever winner of the Tour de France at just 21. This year, he is hoping to build on that success, using the comfortable and practical c-compactline as his home from home when on the road.

What makes a motorhome worthy of a cycling champion?

The Carthago c-compactline I 141 LE Super-Lightweight is a slim and well-designed A-class motorhome, and just as well purposed for lightweight construction as his racing bikes. Inside, the racing cyclist can relax in the lounge seating group and enjoy refreshment from the functional kitchen, take a shower in the practical Vario swivelling washroom and recover in the single beds in the sleeping area. There is plenty of room for bikes in the rear garage, which is accessible from both sides. Clothing and equipment can be put into the large storage compartments in the living area and the double floor of the Carthago. When Tadej takes on the 2021 Tour from 26 June to 18 July this year, he will have an award-winning motorhome base to start each day from.