CBE and Nordelettronica merge into AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics srl

Alessandro Chies, Paolo Moiola and Dorian Sosi - co-managing directors of AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics.

The DexKo group has set up a new Italian company, AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics srl, that is the result of the merger of two caravanning electrical system suppliers: CBE and Nordelettronica srl. DexKo, which is the parent company of AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group, said that the move is part of its overall growth strategy in the caravanning and motorhome electronics sector.

CBE became part of AL-KO Vehicle Technology group back in 2018 and has two production plants in Italy and a third in Tunisia. Nordelettronica was acquired by the group two years later in 2020 and has a production facility in Italy and also one in Romania. Both brands have long histories of being strong design partners for caravan and motorhome manufacturers offering on-board electrical system solutions.

“With this merger, AL-KO Vehicle Technology is adding even more impetus to its growth and development in the electronics sector”, said Harald Hiller, president and CEO of AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group.

“The company will also further intensify the cooperation with AL-KO Technology Lithuania in the design and development of electronics. For the time being, we will continue to use CBE and Nordelettronica as product brands. They are both brands well recognised worldwide for their quality and reliability, present on a significant number of European motorhomes. A comprehensive after-sales service is, of course, provided.”

Gerd Stoll, managing director of AL-KO Kober GmbH/Srl and Harald Hiller, president and CEO of AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group.

For the time being, the present management and production activities will remain unchanged, but future optimisation in anticipated as AL-KO seeks to better serve its customers.

“I welcome with great enthusiasm AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics,” said Gerd Stoll, managing director of AL-KO Kober GmbH/Srl. “This merger combines the credibility and reliability of the Nordelettronica and CBE brands with the success story of AL-KO Vehicle Technology. We now even more clearly put our brand at the service of innovation and evolution in the field of electronics applied to caravanning and other automotive sectors. CBE and Nordelettronica are collaborating on the development of new products, making their know-how available to each other. Now we can do even more and better, with a unified R&D department. Huge challenges are connectivity and IoT, so this merger allows us to become the key player of this evolution, offering our OEM customers all necessary security when it comes to products that are crucial for the operation of a recreational vehicle.”