Changes on the board at Trigano

The Trigano group has announced what it describes as an evolution of its governance with some changes to its executive board of directors. Long-serving president of the executive board François Feuillet and managing director of the executive board Marie-Hélène Feuillet have both resigned from their positions, a move acknowledged by the company’s supervisory board.

The same board appointed Mr Stéphane GIGOU as member and president of the executive board. As a result, the executive board now comprises five members: Stéphane Gigou, president of the executive board, Michel Freiche, managing director, François Feuillet, Marie-Hélène Feuillet and Paolo Bicci.

François Feuillet and Marie-Hélène Feuillet, together with Feuillet family members, remainthe majority shareholder with the ownership of 57.80 per cent of the capital and 69.31 per cent of voting rights.