Charge up your sales with LIONTRON

After a four-year sabbatical from a 20-year career of high level key account roles in the professional world, Wolfgang Felzen was ready to start a new chapter in his life. Wolfgang spent much of his break from work indulging in one of his life’s great passions: sailing. He went on several major sailing trips around the world and enjoyed some unforgettable adventures. Like any entrepreneur, even while enjoying this life-affirming time to himself, he couldn’t help but think about a business idea. When the time came for him to get stuck into work again, he wanted to focus on a specialist area with which he had become very familiar during his sailing: the generation, storage and usage of energy. During long voyages, he realised that this was an area that require products of flexibility and unconventional solutions. Like all great entrepreneurial stories, he began by founding his company in the garage with his son Boris and so began the story of LIONTRON – now a leading manufacturer of lead replacement batteries. 

The company’s slogan is ‘strong like a lion’ – a phrase which not only describes the philosophy behind the LiFeP04 batteries the company has become known for, but also indicates the direction of the designers behind the brand. Those designers, Wolfgang, Boris and Wolfgang’s other son Thorsten, want the brand to become a global leader in the energy storage market after enjoying continued success in their native Germany.

As you would expect, LIONTRON’s products are perfect for, and well used by, the caravan and motorhome market. The company uses lithium iron phosphate technology throughout its range for many reasons. To begin with, LiFePO4 batteries have twice as much capacity as traditional VRLA batteries, because those can only be discharged up to 50 per cent. LIONTRON batteries can be discharged 100 per cent. That means, that a 200Ah VRLA battery can be replaced by a 100Ah Lithium battery. They also have a longer lifecycle – they can survive as many as 3,000 complete charges and discharges. After 3,000 full cycles, LiFePO4 batteries still have at least 80per cent of its original power available and can definitely deliver a reasonable performance for another 7,000 cycles. Using this technology also means that LIONTRON batteries can be much smaller and lighter than lead options. A 100Ah LIONTRON battery weighs just 14.5kg, compared to 32kg for 100Ah lead batteries – a key benefit for caravan and leisure vehicle manufacturers who value any weight saving they can possibly make.

Other benefits of LIONTRON batteries include fast and efficient charging, the ability to monitor the battery level via Bluetooth, a high discharge current that does not drop for power hungry devices such as coffee machines or air conditioning, and they can easily replace existing lead batteries using the same chargers and inverters. 

Another important business philosophy that LIONTRON adheres to is sustainability. As a battery manufacturer, the comany knows it has a big responsibility for, which is why all of its batteries are made with a modular design, making them easy to maintain. Individual components can easily be exchanged in the event of upgrades or malfunction. That is due to the fact that LIONTRON does not glue or solder their battery housing and spare parts. Via the dealer or as an experienced layperson, the batteries can be opened without special tools and the components can be replaced.

The LIONTRON range encompasses a wide selection of battery options that are perfect for almost any kind of camping vehicle you can imagine. From regular sizes and shapes, to underseat models or even a version that operates in temperatures down to -30°C, LIONTRON has all the bases covered.

See LIONTRON at Caravan Salon: Hall13, Stand E11

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