Different approach reaping rewards for SuperSprings International

Adam Weisner does not have a lifetime of experience in the RV industry. That is his own admission. The chief commercial officer for suspension expert SuperSprings International, Adam joined the company in 2018 after a long spell working in banking and specifically digital banks. Recently his role was expanded to handle all the company’s marketing, and he had some pretty specific ideas about how he wanted to do things, bringing fresh ideas from outside the usual in this market sector.

“I’m not an RV industry veteran and I have different ideas on how to approach the market. I am however, an enthusiast, and have been camping and towing a RV for years with my family,” Adam said.

“When I took over marketing I saw what folks were doing and I wanted to try something slightly different. Rather than hiring an agency, or using outside vendors, I decided I wanted to do it in house. So, I hired a talented creative director who worked for me at the bank and we got to work.”

From that moment, SuperSprings International started to gain some significant traction through media not normally used by companies that make products, which if we’re being totally honest, are not the most glamorous. Who wants to watch YouTube videos about suspension springs? Well, it turns out, plenty of people if you do things the right way. The SuperSprings International YouTube channel has more than 2,400 subscribers and has amassed an incredible 1.2million views. How in the world have they managed that?

Well, besides some excellent instructional installation videos, the company has homed in on the people behind the RV industry and the things that we get out of the hobby as individuals. The perfect example of that is its Journey Better series, as Adam explained: “We tell the stories of our awesome partners. We have a who’s who of great partners, so the last three videos we filmed and released were for Winnebago, Tiffin, and Coachmen. The reception on these has been amazing.

“I don’t think many other suspension manufacturers let alone RV manufacturers are out there doing these kind of things the way we are.”

SuperSprings International was already a very reputable name in the RV industry, but it has ambitions to grow as its product range is perfectly suited to a wide range of applications on RVs, motorhomes and caravans around the world. 





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