GasStop's global vision for safer camping

Using gas is something nearly all RV or caravan users do – it’s an essential part of an enjoyable camping break. But the very nature of relying on highly flammable gas in a confined space can have safety concerns – something one innovative company is hoping it can solve with its smart and simple product.

GasStop, a company with headquarters in Europe (the Netherlands) and the United States, has invented a product with the same name that acts as an automatic 100 per cent shut-off valve, minor leak tester and more for your propane gas system.

The easy-to-install GasStop can be fitted by anyone to their propane gas cylander and besides offering that 100 per cent shut off, it can detect minor leaks, show you the gas pressure inside the cylinder, is quality approved in accordance with ISO and EN standards and has a five-year warranty. The GasStop requires no power source and monitors the cylinder it is attached to 24 hours a day. 

After a successful start to life in Europe, the company recently opened an American division and is now working not only to grow its sales, but also to educate the whole RV and camping industry about gas safety.

GasStop CEO Martin Niezen, said: “Our business is positioned as both a manufacturer and as an educator in gas safety. Providing peace of mind enables the end user to embrace the many benefits of LPG, allowing them to fully enjoy their RVs, heaters, grills, boats and more.

“By working with the WLPGA and several well respected US organisations, and by continuing to develop an infallible approach to safety, education and quality, we intend to help to improve the whole sector.”