Green Product Award success for QOOL

An innovative camping cooler designed by German brand QOOL managed to impress a panel of 26 internationally experienced judges and claim a prestigious Green Product Award. The QOOL Eco Box+ won the ‘Kitchen’ category of this international award scheme, which recognises products that excel in sustainability, innovation, and design. The top 100 products were nominated from 1,500 entries and then winners were selected from each of 15 categories.

The QOOL Box Eco+ is the first cooler made of recycled material that is insulated with vacuum insulation panels and equipped with special temperature elements. This allows it to keep temperatures between -25 °C to +25 °C constantly for up to 10 days. The temperature can be defined by selecting different temperature elements, which contain special liquids depending on the temperature range.

Camping Trade World first saw the product at Caravan Salon in 2021 and was impressed with the ‘closed-loop’ principle used to make the box – old plastic is shredded, processed and then used to make the body and lid. The exterior of the box is made of expanded polypropylene, or EPP for short. Thus, the box itself is also recyclable, as all EPP products can always be recycled and returned to the material cycle. The box is handcrafted, certified climate neutral according to Green House Gas (GHG) protocol, manufactured exclusively in Würzburg, Germany, and is subject to strict quality control. This ensures that each vacuum insulation panel delivers the required insulation performance in the long term and that valuable resources are conserved with thermal energy efficiency.