Hobby reveals beach-inspired caravan

German caravan expert Hobby has revealed a new caravan model that it believes perfectly captures the true feeling of what it is to be on vacation. The new, stripped-back Beachy caravan is nimble and lightweight and features a design that Hobby dsays explores new horizons and appeals to those caravanners who place less importance on luxury and more on their vacation and keeping the price and weight low. 

Hobby’s Holder Schulz, explains that it is a caravan designed for the beach that offers something truly different. He said: “[When designing the Beachy] I told my colleagues for forget everything they know about camping. They looked at me like I was crazy – I had with me items that reminded me of the beach: flotsam, driftwood, shells and so on. I told them we are going to create a caravan that is simple and has the feeling of the beach.”

Initially there will be three versions of the Beachy available: the 360, the 420 and the 450 – offering berths for two adults and either one or two children. The interior, which has the strong feeling of a beach hut, features simple but effective layouts that offer ample room for living and sleeping, with plenty of storage and smart ideas like a folding table. It features a small kitchen area with a sink and an optional hob burner can be bought alongside it. It doesn’t feature a built-in toilet, but you can purchase a Porta Potti which is stored inside the walk-in wardrobe. The storage takes the shape of beach-style baskets, while an optional awning can also be added. 

In Hobby’s own words: Our Beachy can’t be a fully equipped caravan, nor does it want to be – it wants to be different. We have deliberately chosen a reduced range of features for our Beachy and are focusing on the traditional cosiness of the popular beach house look. We want to explore new horizons with the Beachy, and to appeal to Beachy fans who attach less importance to luxury, while keeping the price and weight attractive.”