Horrex is your doorway to new opportunities

Just because a product may appear simple upon first glance, doesn’t mean that it can’t be high quality or innovative. Take something as straightforward as a flyscreen or a window blind on a caravan, motorhome or leisure vehicle. On the face of it, it’s a product that serves a basic purpose, which is true, but for one company it represents a gateway to innovation all designed to make the lives of campers better and improve the overall leisure vehicle experience for all. That ethos is what drives Dutch brand Horrex – an expert in flyscreen doors, window blind systems, windows, room dividers and TV blinds for the middle and high-end sectors of the RV and leisure vehicle market. 

“Our ethos as a company is flexibility, modularity and innovation,” explains Horrex sales director Alina Coroian. “We are continuously improving ourselves, striving to be as innovative and as successful as we can.”

A perfect example of how Horrex likes to do things is its UCS Combi blind/screens, which are easily resizable, meaning that not only can the end consumer easily cut them to size, but it also gives great flexibility on stock to dealers and wholesalers. In fact, Horrex can quickly customize many of its products to any interior design within short deadlines. The product can be supplied as a knock-down kit or completely assembled, all according to the customer’s preferences.

Alina adds: “We think along with our clients to help them with new products, sizes, version – it’s a collaborative relationship we have with many of them. But, perhaps more importantly, we are all about spotting trends – we have moved into the aftersales and van conversion markets with our products that are do-it-yourself. This is an opportunity for us to help improve the overall experience of end consumers in these segments.”

Horrex is actually part of a larger group of companies known as the Driving Change Group. Its sibling brands include RV and leisure vehicle slide-out brand InnoSlide, electric bike producer ClikeBikes and VanCasco+, which specialises in bringing Horrex’s full portfolio to the van conversion market. All in all, the brands together have plans to become a complete supplier to the caravan, motorhome and leisure vehicle industries.

Alina says: “Our short term goal is to introduce our line of van conversion products solidly to the market as well as establishing firm aftersales relationships. In the long term, we want to be a total supplier to the caravan market.”

To help achieve this aim, Horrex will be showcasing its wares at the upcoming Caravan Düsseldorf show this August and September. The company has been ever-present at the event for the last 25 years, but sadly missed the 2020 edition due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Physical shows are still really important to us,” says Alina. 

“They give us a chance to have many face-to-face meetings. It is difficult to demonstrate and brainstorm with a client how a product might work if you don’t have it in your hands. We look forward to seeing our clients face-to-face again soon.”

See Horrex at Caravan Salon: Hall 13, Stand D36

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