Issue five is alive

The fifth issue of Camping Trade World is live now and free to view - essential reading for camping, leisure vehicle and RV industry professionals around the globe. Featuring a wide range of news, insight, features, interviews and interactive multimedia such as videos and podcasts, you won’t want to miss it.

What a year 2021 has been for our industry, eh? Will we see another like it? Hard to say, but we decided to compile the latest stats and research in our industry health check, so you can make your own educated forecasts for 2022.

And as we enter 2022, another of the industry’s major shows will take place in January in Stuttgart, Germany. We offer a full preview of the CMT show, so you can plan ahead and make the most of attending.

If new markets are something you’re thinking about next year, then we can recommend Sweden as a great place to start. Our Doing Business With article gives you an essential dossier on the camping and caravanning market there.

Perhaps you’re thinking about upping your marketing game next year? If so, then video content needs to be part of it. Our cover stars for the issue SuperSprings International share their tips on creating engaging and meaningful videos.

We ended 2021 by attending a couple of major industry shows at two opposite ends of Europe – read our wrap ups from Utrecht, the Netherlands and Barcelona, Spain in this issue.

We also spent time speaking with Benjamin Baur, CEO of caravan, motorhome and RV door expert Konrad Baur. Read the snapshot interview or listen to the full version via our podcast to glean some useful business ideology.

If the accessories market is something you’re considering getting into or want to know more about, fear not. Our sector spotlight takes a close look at the trends and product categories that could help you turn a profit.

Lastly, we explore why diversity in your business could seriously benefit its future and how you can approach this topic if it’s something you have uncertainty about. Let’s all start 2022 being more diverse and more inclusive.