Jayco Australia increases production capacity

One of Australia’s leading RV manufacturers, Jayco, has significantly expanded its production facility as well as investing in improving its research and development and training for staff. The company announced through its social media platforms that it has recently relocated its motorhomes team from a 9,000m2 space to a 14,000m2 facility that now features two production lines for motorhomes and campervans to meet growing demand.

As well as this additional capacity, the new facility will have a dedicated research and development area where R&D staff can work closely with the products to develop new ideas and prototypes. This will also include a new materials area, allowing stock to be delivered directly from JIT suppliers based on production runs.

Jayco is also investing more into staff training with what it calls a ‘Dojo area’ – a space to help employees with extra training when they are new to the company, changing roles, or simply need extra support. The company says it will help strengthen its team’s overall knowledge and skills.

The long-term plan is that this new state-of-the-art facility will support larger projects as the company continues to grow alongside the Australian RV industry.

Image © Jayco Australia