Landmark legislation for RVing and outdoor recreation reaches US Congress

The RV and outdoor recreation industries in the United States are fully supporting a new comprehensive policy package that has been reintroduced to Congress. America’s Outdoor Recreation Act has been described by the RV Industry Association (RVIA) and the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable as ground-breaking bipartisan legislation that will boost local and national economies and give more Americans greater access to green spaces and public lands and waters.

Among other vital outdoor recreation friendly provisions, the bill:

  • Establishes proven partnership agreements to sustainably modernize campgrounds on federal lands.
  • Provides gateway community assistance for outdoor recreation businesses that supply accommodations, including campgrounds, through the use of financial and technical assistance programs.
  • Extends the federal land shoulder seasons to spread out demand and create more RV camping opportunities on public lands and within gateway community campgrounds.
  • Brings much-needed broadband/Wi-Fi to front country campgrounds to address safety issues and provide technologies that current and future visitors expect.

Craig Kirby, RVIA president and CEO, said: “America’s Outdoor Recreation Act is crucial to the RV industry and the wider outdoor recreation industry. It remains a significant factor in making sustainable improvements to our nation’s campgrounds and improving the experiences of current and future RVers.

“In addition, the Act provides greater access to the health benefits offered by the great outdoors and offers an economic boost to both the local and national economy. We would also like to thank Senators Manchin and Barrasso for their steadfast leadership. Our government affairs team will be continuing to advocate in support of America’s Outdoor Recreation Act, and we call on Congress for its swift passage.”

Chris Perkins, senior director of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, added: “This is a commonsense, no-cost bill that will help equalize and expand access to green spaces and wild outdoor places in every state in the country.

“We are seeing unprecedented interest in outdoor recreation, but much of the policies supporting outdoor recreation are outdated, making it difficult for more people to get out and have fun. We need modern solutions that improve infrastructure and access while protecting America's public lands and waters, and America’s Outdoor Recreation Act is an historic step to update these policies.”

According to the RVIA, the outdoor recreation industry is worth $862 billion to the US economy and provides millions of jobs. Studies have also proven the beneficial impact on physical and mental wellbeing for individuals spending time in the outdoors.


Main photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash