Lippert launches RV Owner School

Lippert Components is aiming to help RV users become better at maintenance and DIY projects with the launch of a new technical programme to be known as RV Owner School. The school, a concept that was born out of high demand from the Lippert Scouts Community, will consist of in-depth technical-level training that equips RV owners and users with resources for maintenance, troubleshooting, and DIY projects, with an ultimate goal of encouraging self-sufficiency and increasing user confidence. The first official class will be held on 23 May.

“The cornerstone of our customer experience mission is to first, listen for opportunities; and second, to deliver a solution, an experience, or a product that addresses what we heard,” said Nicole Sult, vice president of customer experience at Lippert. “RV Owner School is an idea that our Lippert Scouts felt passionate about early in our journey – we’ve called it ‘Scout School’ for over a year as the concept developed. Guided by years of experience reaching industry technicians through our Technical Institute, our Scouts let us know that they wanted a hands-on experience, too. We encourage those who are attending local OEM rallies or visiting Northern Indiana to sign up.”

As well as helping RV owners become more knowledgeable about their rigs and Lippert and its products, the vision of the school is to create a community and to empower the participants to be capable of helping others. Sessions will be held in one-day and three-day formats, and all events are taking place during and near local rallies, so RVers can conveniently plan ahead or add a few extra days to their pre-planned trips to the RV capital of the world. The three-day events offer a handful of additional perks and benefits, but included in all training sessions are:

  • Hands-on, technical training on Lippert’s most popular components including levelling, slide-outs, suspension systems, and more
  • DIY, maintenance, and troubleshooting tips
  • Information on how Lippert Scouts are shaping the future of RVing
  • Lunch

Learn more about the RV Owner School here.