Motorhome rental company 'bucks trend' to hold prices

British motorhome hire firm the Motorhome Holiday Company is holding its prices despite surging demand for rentals and stock and supply shortages across the industry. The company, founded by Matt Sims, has seen a 700 per cent increase in demand for its rental units compared to two years ago, but has held firm with its prices, a move it believes is bucking the general trend.

Matt explained: “We didn’t think it was fair to up our prices at a time when more people have been holidaying in the UK because of travel restrictions. 

“We’ve had government support during lockdown, as would others in the industry, and didn’t have to compensate for the time when we couldn’t trade.”

The company could have easily been forgiven for increasing its prices, as it claims prices were rising by 60 per cent across the industry and that it’s had to wait up to four months for motorhome parts from overseas – including specialist parts such as fridges and heating systems.

Matt continued: “We have to act quickly to secure stock, which is going up in price. We’ve ordered some parts which were promised six-week delivery – then took nearly four months to arrive.

“In time, we may have to increase prices in line with increasing costs and inflation. But while we will have to cover growing costs, we will keep our pricing fair and competitive.”

The UK’s National Caravan Council says there are approximately 225,000 motorhomes in Britain, with sales having tripled since 2020. This growth has expanded the market demographic considerably according to Matt.

“We used to deal mostly with retirees. Now we are seeing more people in their early 20s, looking for adventure, or families with young children,” he said.

“It’s not just about the travel, but the experience. It’s about spending quality time with your loved ones in a setting of your choosing.”