New luxury upholstery firm launched by premium campervan company

Necessity is the mother of invention, that is the old saying. And that saying came true for the team of relatively new, premium campervan manufacturer Alphavan recently when in its search for high-quality upholstery offerings for its own vans, it was left frustrated. In order to meet the premium standards of quality it had set with its Mercedes-Benz-based vans it decided to take matters into its own hands and form a new company, AlphaSeat

Alphanvan co-founder Phillip Wex said: “The offering addresses the demand for campervans, chauffeur busses or self used delivery or transport vans: with AlphaSeat it is now possible to purchase high-end upholstery products based on individual design requests. Self-designed quilting patterns reflect the individual character of the customers and put a special focus on design, aesthetics and quality. Combined with premium leather sorts with a very characteristic structure and natural haptics, interieur designs are turned into very special and unique pieces of craftmanship and guarantee sensual experiences of a special kind.”


In its launch phase, AlphaSeat will offering the following quilting patterns:

  • Diamond: symmetrical diamond shapes create an exclusively sporty look
  • Compressed Diamond: compressed diamond shapes turn the upholstery into an elegantly classical look
  • Progressive Vertical: futuristic and fluent design result in a timeless and modern impression
  • Progressibe Horizontal: progressive and fluent design with severa applications for a modern luxurious look


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