Outlook remains healthy in US camping and RV market

The outlook for the camping and RV market in North America looks healthy according to the latest monthly research conducted by one of its biggest campsite chains Kampgrounds of America (KOA). The company’s research has revealed that four in 10 campers are ready to travel again and three in 10 say fluctuating gas prices will not change their plans. It also showed that 38 per cent of campers who have not travelled for a year or more plan to take a least one camping trip in 2022.

Campers report that, for the most part, they plan to keep hitting the road even if increasing gas prices alter their plans. The largest group of respondents said they plan to keep camping trips closer to home (32 per cent). Some campers also indicate they will take fewer trips but stay longer at their destinations (25 per cent) or take fewer trips overall (24 per cent). However, 29 per cent of campers report changing gas prices will not change their camping plans.

“It’s encouraging that even with gas prices reaching record highs, many campers are still planning to get out and explore,” said Whitney Scott, chief marketing officer of Kampgrounds of America. “The flexibility of camping is a real advantage to travellers; by choosing destinations nearby or altering road trip stops a camping trip can mitigate fuel costs in ways other types of travel cannot.”

Despite the volatility of fuel prices, around 46 per cent of respondents to KOA’s survey said that are very or somewhat likely to buy a new RV rig in 2022 – although one in 10 said they would consider selling their RV if the gas prices remain high.

“Fuel prices are a big consideration, but we can’t underestimate the desire to travel,” said Whitney. “Between those who have not travelled due to the pandemic and avid campers making plans regardless of gas prices, travellers are eager. We’re not just seeing this in our research, but in our reservation data.”

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Photo © Kampgrounds of America.