Peggy Peg: the future of tent and awning pegs

It might seem like the most simple and unimportant of tasks but pegging out your tent or awning properly is still a hugely important part of camping. Different types of ground can make it tricky to hammer the same traditional style pegs in, and without correct pegging, you can end up with structural problems in your tent and awning that cause everything from annoying flapping in the wind to the sinking of your unit. While these problems may have only seemed like minor inconveniences to the average camper, to German couple Brigitte and Achim Reinhold they became the seed of an idea to form a business.

“Our enthusiasm led us to develop our Peggy Peg brand,” says Brigitte.

“We created a wide range of products to enhance the camping experience for everyone. Really good product ideas come when everyday life and innovative spirit meet. When developing our pegs, we always had the following key characteristics in mind: they should be stronger, lighter, easy to spot, adjustable in height, durable, and innovative.”

Screwing instead of hammering - the idea wasn’t new to tent pegs, but what it has evolved into since Peggy Peg Innovative Systems was founded is unique in camping accessories worldwide. Pegs that are brightly coloured in the distinct blue and orange colours of the brand, vastly lighter than traditional metal pegs and designed to work with tools to make getting them in and out of any ground type very easy. The couple didn’t stop at just pegs though, they created a wide range of accessories all designed to work as part of a system that makes camping easier and more enjoyable for all.

Versatility and performance

The heart of the Peggy Peg brand is its screw peg – available in seven variations, the pegs cover every soil type including soft, loose sand, mud, wet grass, meadow, dry ground, compact sand, rocky/gravel, and tough grounds. The pegs have different lengths to help with this and each has a height-adjustable system with blue hooks – this means the pegs don’t need to be screwed all the way into the ground, giving you increased flexibility.

The pegs may only stick out halfway, but with the blue hooks, they will provide the best grip. The same height-adjustable principle applies with the company’s Peg&Stop pegs, which have a continuing thread instead of the rings from the orange pegs. Their orange lock nut applies pressure onto anything you want to fix down, and as soon as the peg grips, the lock nut is simply tightened downward.

Another smart innovation is the Fix&Go system. This system allows campers to peg down accessories, such as an anchor plate for awning legs to be connected to or a TieStrap, and then quickly and easily take down awnings or other accessories without unpegging. The pegged plate or other accessory will still be there when you return.