Recycled tent fabric from Nemo named a top innovation of 2021

A revolutionary new tent fabric from American camping expert Nemo Equipment has been named one of 2021’s 100 greatest innovations by Popular Science. Named OSMO, the new fabric will debut on two Nemo tents in 2022 and is a proprietary composite weave made from 100 per cent recycled fabric without the use of harmful flame-retardant chemicals or fluorinated water repellents (PFAS).

Not only does the new material represent a leap forward in environmental sustainability but also in technical performance too – the 100 per cent recycled yarns and nylon fibres provide exceptional strength while polyester fibres and resist stretching when wet. In addition to optimizing strength and water resistance, OSMO achieves water repellence with a PFC chemical-free finish, and meets flammability requirements without fire retardant chemical additives.

Popular Science’s team of testers said: “Most backpacking tent flys—the tarp-like portion that goes over the shelter to protect it from rain—are made from lightweight nylon coated with polyurethane.

“But if you’ve ever woken up to a wet, saggy mess, you’ve experienced the material’s shortcomings. It’s stretchy, absorbs moisture, and takes what can feel like forever to dry. Nemo’s new OSMO fabric is made from a checkered weave of durable, weather-repelling nylon and moisture-wicking polyester. The result is that it dries much faster than other tent flys – and doesn’t sag.”

Nemo’s product development manager, Gabriel Rosenbrien, explained: “Climate change, chemical impacts, and resource depletion need urgent action.

“The goal for OSMO was to develop a tent fabric that reduces environmental impact and maximizes performance, without compromise. OSMO fabrics represent a significant step forward in tent fabric sustainability and will help drive future developments.”

OSMO will be available on Nemo’s best-selling backpacking tent Dagger (pictured) as well as the top-selling ultralight shelter Hornet Elite in spring 2022. It expects to integrate the material into additional tents in 2023 and beyond.

Picture © of Nemo Equipment