Hymer's revamped bodywork technology is "winterproof"

Your camping experience is only as good as the walls you sleep within – whether that’s in a tent, caravan or motorhome. German leisure vehicle brand Hymer is a company that takes this line of thought very seriously – a fact that is very obvious in light of the launch of its new PUAL 2.0 bodywork technology.

The technology is an evolution of an age-old caravan and motorhome bodywork concept that the company has constantly been improving since as far back as 1978, when its original PUAL side walls of aluminium skin over foam core and high-quality plywood interior offered some of the best construction on the market. Now, with its 2.0 version, it has gone completely wood free with its construction – the PUAL 2.0 bodywork features an aluminium inner and outer skin with improved foam composition and a design without thermal bridging, which offers maximum stability and optimal insulation.

Aluminium on the inside wall ensures even, rapid heat distribution. The polyurethane foam also offers numerous other benefits. Among other things, it is water-repellent, lightweight and extremely durable. The heat insulation is so good, that Hymer claims that a PUAL wall of just 3cm thickness can offer the insulation equivalent of a 68cm-thick brick wall. It is also much more durable than before and has gapless elastic bonding of the roof and walls to offer a high level of stability and torsion resistance. In Hymer’s own words, this new technology is “absolutely winterproof”.