Robens reveals new sleeping bag fill tech

Camping giant Robens has revealed two new insulation fills for its sleeping bag collection that it promises will enhance performance while keeping pack sizes down.

The two new fills – MicroThermo Ball and Thermo Hybrid Down – will initially be used on two sleeping bags in the Robens range, the Gully and Icefall Pro (pictured). 

MicroThermo Ball is a fill that closely mimics down, made of lightweight polyester clusters constructed in a way that delivers down-like compression and loft. This fill traps large volumes of air to give enhanced insulation but also packs down small so the sleeping bag won’t take up more room than it needs to. Its main advantage over down is that it offers moisture management and performs well even in damp conditions. Robens describes the fill as perfect for those who want the benefit s of down but where the conditions, ethics, allergies or price tag rules it out.

The Thermo Hybrid Down fill uses the same support and efficient moisture management of the MicroThermo Ball but with the low weight, superior compression and excellent loft of down. Robens says this fill offers an exceptionally soft, high performance insulation for those activities that require lightweight, compact equipment suitable for demanding conditions.