RV industry worth $140 billion to the US economy

The RV industry is worth $140 billion to the United States economy and supports almost 680,000 jobs, paying more than $48 billion in wages according to a new study by the RV Industry Association. The RVs Move America Economic Impact Study showed that the overall economic output of the RV industry has increased by 23 per cent over the past three years.

That $140 billion economic impact is partly made up by $73.7 billion generated by RV manufacturers and suppliers, $35.7 billion generated by RV campgrounds and related travel, and $30.5 billion generated by RV sales and service activities. The RV industry also pays an estimated $13.6 billion in federal, state and local taxes in the Unites States.

RV Industry Association president and CEO, Craig Kirby, said: “More Americans than ever before have discovered RVing and the incredible physical and mental health benefits that come from living an active outdoor lifestyle. The American-made RV industry is an essential part of the American economy that supports $140 billion in economic output and hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs.

“Every resident in America benefits from the substantial tax revenue brought in by the RV industry. Taxes that fund roads, bridges, education, and the parks and recreation areas our customers visit.”

The RVs Move America Economic Impact Study includes all companies involved in the manufacture, sale, rental, repair, storage, and service of RVs, as well as in the aftermarket industry, financing, and insurance of RV purchases. The economic impact of campgrounds and trip spending during RV travel is also captured in the report.

You can view the full report by clicking here.