SuperSprings International announces new leadership structure

Innovative suspension solutions provider SuperSprings International, which has many major customers in the RV and leisure vehicle market, has announced a new leadership structure and new team members.

The company has established five clearly defined business units, each of which will be led by a member of its new leadership team. Marketing will be led by director of marketing Tom Bateman, operations will be led by director of operations Jeni Chen, data and tech ops will be led by director of data and tech ops Justin Tevis, finance and HR will be led by controller Ryan Dougan. Lastly, the sales unit will be led by a director of sales, a position which is currently vacant and being advertised for by SuperSprings International. All of these business units will report to chief commercial officer Adam Weisner, who in turn will report to company chairman and CEO Gerry Lamberti. Gerry said: “This new leadership structure is exactly what SuperSprings International needs as we turn the page on 2021 into 2022 and beyond. We have experienced incredible growth over the last several years, including more than 40 per cent growth in 2021. With this new team in place, I believe we are positioned to grow exponentially.”

The newest members of the new SuperSprings International leadership team are Jeni Chen who has joined the company recently, and Tom Bateman who has been successfully promoted to the position of director of marketing after more than two years with the company.

Adam Weisner commented: “Jeni and Tom are going to add some incredible dynamic to this newly structured leadership team and help fuel continued growth of our company as we scale. I’m very excited and grateful to be able to work alongside this level of talent every day. It’s a gift.”

Picture caption: Top L to R: Gerry Lamberti, Adam Weisner, Jeni Chen. Bottom L to R: Justin Tevis, Ryan Dougan, Tom Bateman.