SuperSprings International launches magazine

As part of its growing marketing efforts, suspension expert SuperSprings International has launched its own in-house magazine to continue its strong connection with industry partners and end consumers. The magazine will begin life as a quarterly publication with an emphasis on lifestyle imagery, technical write-ups, new product highlights and insight into the SuperSprings International business.

Adam Weisner, CCO of SuperSprings International and its marketing lead said: “The magazine is more than just another publication. For us, it’s a way to share the stories of our customers, provide valuable product information, and to pull back the curtain on the SuperSprings International culture and what makes it such a special company. For us, making the journey better is more than just innovating suspension that works. It’s dreaming, pondering, and creating new ways of connecting with our customers, employees, and everyone else to become the best-known suspension brand in the world. Journey Better: The Magazine, is another step in that direction. Congratulations to creative director Tom Bateman and the entire company on this exciting next chapter in our story.”

Read the first issue of Journey Better: The Magazine right here.

Find out more about how SuperSprings International could be the missing piece of the jigsaw for your RV or leisure vehicle business in our upcoming third issue.