TripTech and CamperMate announce Tourism Australia partnership

TripTech and the CamperMate app have agreed a partnership with Tourism Australia that aims to inspire Australians to explore their own backyard by discovering new and diverse experiences. The CamperMate app is designed to help independent travellers book pre-trip and in-trip experiences as well as take advantage of the best deals on camping and caravanning accommodations. It currently hosts more than 4,500 experiences and more than 200 Tourism Australia signature experiences.

TripTech and CamperMate CEO, Nick Baker, said: “We have the platform capable of giving the independent traveller the one stop shop that they need to plan short and long getaways in and around Australia.”

Tourism Australia managing director, Phillipa Harrison, said: “We are pleased to be partnering with CamperMate as part of our ongoing efforts to stimulate domestic tourism demand and provide support to the industry by getting Australians out and exploring our country.”

The partnership has already been active for around a month and in that time a promising growth in user activity was seen with more than 259,000 places and experiences explored and 66,000 businesses engaged with. Data also indicates culture and nature to be the strongest categories of growth with almost 2,500 conversions in those categories and 6,500 total across all experiences (as of 28 February, 2021).

Nick Baker added: “Through this partnership we’re seeing positive results which support our mission of helping Australians explore the magic of the outdoors and providing industry with engaged, ready to book consumers.”