US brand rooftop tent brand Roofnest sets up in UK

The popularity of camping is such that people are seeking to enjoy its benefits any which way they can. Whether that’s from the relative comfort of a motorhome or caravan, or via the more nomadic method of tents, specifically rooftop tents. This boom is this market sector has been so strong that the largest manufacturer of rooftop tents in the United States, Boulder, Colorado-based Roofnest, has decided to expand its sales network into the vibrant United Kingdom market.

“Wild camping is more popular than ever across the UK. With more people exploring nature, we saw an opportunity to bring our brand of weather-resistant, accessible, and easy-to-use rooftop tents to the United Kingdom,” said Roofnest Founder Tim Nickles.

“We are confident that would-be wild campers, especially those who live in cities, will find Roofnest’s rooftop tents the perfect way to explore more remote portions of Great Britain without sacrificing their city-size car or urban lifestyle.”

Roofnest has spent years developing a diverse line of hard-shell rooftop tents from its mountain town base in Boulder and aims to make wild camping easier, more comfortable, and more fun. Roofnest tents can mount to any car, hatch, SUV, truck, or van and transform it into a campervan worthy of the most unique wild-camping experience.

The company will begin in the UK market with its pop-up Sparrow and fold-out Condor models. The Sparrow pop-up tent measures 211 cm long and 124.5 cm wide, comfortably sleeping two. The Condor is a compact 211 cm by 153 cm but opens up to double its footprint and sleeps two to three people.