6 caravan exhibitors not to miss at Caravan Salon 2023

Sound the alarm – it’s time to start the Caravan Salon 2023 hype. Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be highlighting some of the more interesting exhibitors to help you organise your visit to the caravanning and RV world’s biggest show in Düsseldorf this summer. First up, caravan (trailer) exhibitors…


Hall 11 Stand A03-02

Manufactured in Dorotea in norther Sweden, Polar caravans are well renowned in the Scandinavian country for their quality and their ability to be used all year round – including in cold Swedish winters. The company has been in operation since 1964 and is a company that claims to ‘leave nothing to chance’, by maintaining full control of all its manufacturing on site in Sweden. For us, it’s refreshing to see a quality producer from a different part of Europe showcasing its wares on the show floor.



Saly Caravan

Hall 11 Stand D49

If you’re not familiar with Saly Caravan from Turkey, then you probably will be in not much time at all. This ambitious company began making international waves in the Middle East with its Off Road Caradrop – a smart and compact trailer that is designed to withstand harsh environments and keep you off-grid for longer. But this eye-catching rugged looking caravan is just one of the interesting models this company produces – another slightly leftfield brand that is definitely worth half an hour of your time.




Hall 11 Stand B09

Another off-road caravan brand, Crawler from Germany is certainly one to pay a quick visit to during your Caravan Salon stay. One of the highlights of this company’s range is the TRC 458, an off-road caravan built with a lightweight and durable aluminium body, independent suspension system, wide-based BFGoodrich off-road tires, and high approach/departure angle. Crawler says: “whether you're navigating through rocky mountains, muddy swamps, or steep hills, TRC 458 has the power and agility to take you there.”




Hall 11 Stand C12

All the way from Japan, Xcabin is a smart trailer RV van that boasts compact and intelligent designs and a shiny, silver metal outer, which brings about thoughts of the famous Airstream. There are several models available, each with some innovative storage solutions that allow the caravans to stay a sensible size and weight, making them easy to tow with a wide range of cars. It’s great to see an Asian brand taking on the European market in such as positive way. The company name is EFFECT MEIJI Corp, in case you can’t find them on the floorplan.



Fendt Caravan

Hall 9 Stand B37-01

One of Germany’s big-name caravan manufacturers, Fendt always seems to have interesting new models and updates to show at every show. This affordable caravan producer does not back down when it comes to quality, and also boasts designs that blend tradition with modernity. You may need an hour or so to check out this stand, or if you want to be really prepared, you can check out a virtual Caravan Salon stand on the Fendt website.



Tann Häuschen

Hall 11 Stand B72

Tired of white boxes? Tann Häuschen is for you. This German company specialises in caravans and trailers that feature a stunning wood construction. The eye-catching nature of these leisure vehicles is what draws you in, but the quality of the craftsmanship and the luxury features on board will keep you on the stand. It’s like taking to a hunter’s cabin at the end of your day’s adventuring – and quite frankly, they just look like a lot of fun.


Top main photo: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann