Easy Caravanning wins major sustainability prize

The innovative TakeOff by Easy Caravanning has been named as the Most Sustainable Camping Device of 2023 at the annual Sustainable Camping Awards in the Netherlands.

The awards took place at the Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs show in Utrecht, with the TakeOff being chosen by a professional jury of industry experts as the overall winner.

The jury said: “The next generation of caravanning is what the TakeOff certainly is. This entry immediately stood out in the Most Sustainable Camping Device category. With a beautiful and light design, this is a solution for the electric driver, also in the future. This makes sustainable camping accessible to even more holidaymakers. The product is practical, feasible and highly innovative. It is, therefore, a well-deserved winner.”

Maarten de Roos of Easy Caravanning added: “[This is] a great crowning achievement for us. More and more owners of electric and small compact cars are starting to see the benefits of our products. Winning this award is a great encouragement for us to further expand our product programme in the future.

“To be honest, the transition of the European car fleet is not going fast enough for us yet. Many countries should take an example from Norway, where the government continues to encourage electric driving. We are not doing bad in the Netherlands either, but continued subsidies and further development of the charging infrastructure are important to continue the rapid growth of recent years. Across Europe, only 1 per cent of the total fleet is still a battery electric car. So, we still have a long way to go there. Anyway, with the TakeOff we are doing our bit to further reduce the CO2 footprint of holidaymakers with camping equipment at the towbar and show that electric driving and camping can indeed go hand in hand.”