Airstream launches 'industry-first' environmental initiative

Iconic American leisure vehicle brand Airstream has launched a new environmental initiative to not only cover carbon emissions from its manufacturing processes but also to neutralise estimated carbon emissions created by the driving of its products by end consumers. The Caravan to Carbon Neutral programme will see Airstream directly underwrite the planting of an estimated 118,405 trees by the National Forest Foundation (NFF), which the Jackson Center, Ohio-based brand says will sequester the estimated carbon generated by the first year of driving of all new Airstream travel trailers and touring coaches manufactured in 2021.

Nearly every Airstream owner asked (96 per cent) in a 2020 Airstream owner survey is concerned about the state of the environment. Said one survey participant: “When people travel with their Airstream, it keeps them more in touch with nature and humanity. This raises their awareness of the importance of having a healthy environment

“The Airstream community has a symbiotic relationship with nature and the environment,” said Bob Wheeler, Airstream President and CEO. “This program brings an innovative solution to Airstreamers who want to neutralize their estimated carbon footprint from driving their Airstream and contribute to a more beautiful natural world.”

The estimated 118,405 trees required to sequester the targeted carbon was calculated using Airstream sales forecasts for 2021, findings from an internal customer usage study, greenhouse gas equivalency calculators developed by the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Transportation Statistics fuel efficiency estimates for gasoline-powered vehicles, publicly reported estimates from Mercedes-Benz , an Airstream aerodynamics study, and tree carbon sequestration estimates from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Caravan to Carbon Neutral also allows any Airstream owner to help sequester additional carbon emissions through the purchase of “Carbon Reduction Kits” from the National Forest Foundation through Airstream’s e-commerce website, Airstream Supply Company. Each Carbon Reduction Kit purchase is tax-deductible, with 100 percent of the proceeds directly supporting the NFF’s tree-planting program:


● Silver ($50): plants 50 trees to sequester approximately 25 tons of carbon over the tree’s lifetime

● Gold ($100): plants 100 trees to sequester approximately 50 tons of carbon over the tree’s lifetime

● Platinum ($250): plants 250 trees to sequester approximately 125 tons of carbon over the tree’s lifetime


The carbon sequestration initiative opens a new frontier in Airstream’s efforts to reduce its overall environmental impact. Other efforts include that the electricity at the company’s production facility in Jackson Center, Ohio is offset by renewable energy credits purchased through Jackson Center Municipal Power’s EcoSmart Choice program. In addition, Airstream vehicles are Certified Green by TRA Certification, Inc, a third-party rating based on resource consumption, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor air quality during the manufacturing process.