Bailey begins new sustainable waste management plan

Leading British caravan and motorhome manufacturer Bailey of Bristol has entered into a new partnership with a leading local waste management company to help reduce the environmental impact of its operations. Waste management agency ETM Group has a state-of-the-art waste transfer centre located less than a mile from Bailey’s South Liberty Lane production facility, which will not only result in better waste management but also reduce the carbon footprint of transporting waste too.

Bailey currently segregates waste materials such as timber (all forms), aluminium, ferrous metal, polystyrene, vinyl, paper, cardboard, plastic film and foodstuffs, which annually equates to 720 tons of waste that is equivalent in weight to 480 caravans or 205 motorhomes. The ETM Group facility can process 150,000 tonnes of waste from Bristol and the South-West each year and is capable of segregating and recycling 98 per cent of all the mixed commercial waste received to divert it away from landfill sites.

Bailey managing director, Nick Howard, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with ETM, another South Bristol family-owned business, to help us develop a waste management programme compatible with our Net Zero ambitions.

“This latest initiative is part of the positive action we want to take to help safeguard the environment for the future.”