Bailey of Bristol switches to 100 per cent renewable energy supply

One of the leading caravan and manufacturers in the United Kingdom, Bailey of Bristol, has announced that it is switching to a 100 per cent fully renewable energy supply as part of its on-going commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations. From October 2022, Bailey will specify a wind, hydro and solar power mix for all three of its sites, which despite being more expensive, will help drastically reduce its carbon emissions as a company.

The company’s managing director, Nick Howard, said: “Switching to the exclusive use of renewable energy supplies is the next important step in helping us achieve our sustainability and social responsibility goals.

“Powering all three of our three sites with electricity generated by either wind, hydro or solar power in future is part of the positive action we want to take to help safeguard the environment for the future.”

The company believes that transferring to renewables is simply the right step to take and in future will allow Bailey to report its electricity consumption (Scope 2) as zero carbon, under the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol.

This latest development follows the recent announcement that Bailey of Bristol has signed up to the Woodland Trust Woodland Carbon scheme (WCS) which enables companies to capture greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by planting new native woodland in the UK, that in time will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Bailey of Bristol’s aim in future is to be become a carbon neutral business and these two initiatives are the latest in a number of changes that the company has made on that journey.