Bailey installs LED lighting as part of energy efficiency programme

Leading British caravan and motorhome manufacturer Bailey of Bristol has completed the installation of new energy efficient LED lighting throughout its Liberty Lane production facility. Bailey says the investment is part of a company-wide programme targeting the reduction in overall power consumption, which is part of a plan to switch to a fully renewable energy supply from October 2022 onwards.

Bailey managing director Nick Howard  said: “The introduction of our new internal energy conservation programme is the next important step in helping us achieve our sustainability and social responsibility goals.

“As well practical changes such as the recent installation of new LED lighting systems we are also looking to better educate our team on how reduce our overall energy consumption as part of the positive action we want to take to help safeguard the environment for the future.”

As well as the obvious environmental benefits, the new lighting system will use 70 per cent less energy than before, which will result in a significant financial saving for the company at a time when energy prices are climbing.

In addition to introducing measures to reduce energy consumption Bailey is also looking to increase the amount it generates itself, by increasing its existing solar power provision over the next twelve months. At present Bailey has one solar panel array in situ at South Liberty Lane (installed in 2015) on the building currently housing its Product Development Centre. Consisting of over nine hundred individual panels which collectively are capable of generating over two hundred kilowatts of energy by harnessing the power of the South Bristol sunshine.