Campspot and Pinterest reveal key camping trends

Online camping and RV marketplace Campspot has teamed up with social media platform Pinterest to launch the first edition of its Campspot Outdoor Almanac, which reveals camping and outdoor trends among end-users. The almanac is comprised of eight sections with key dates, trends, events, expert advice and destinations spotlights for summer and fall – it also used data from Campspot to reveal some interesting patterns. It revealed that 96 per cent of campers say camping improves their mental health, that the average length of a camping trip is three days, and that 33 per cent of campers have the goal of becoming full-time campers. It also showed that the top reasons for people to camp include relaxation (91 per cent), family vacation time (73 per cent), a way to visit national parks (54 per cent), to go fishing (51 per cent), and for the setting or to visit attractions (45 per cent). The top activities for campers are hiking, cooking, fishing, stargazing, and boating, according to the almanac. It even examined the most common ways campers like to cook their marshmallows on the campfire (medium cooked took the crown with 59 per cent of the vote).

Pinterest’s input into the alamanc revealed that people are more exited to travel than ever, with more that 63 million people engaging with travel content on its platform each month. Pinterest says that searches for “travel inspo” increased by 87 per cent during mid-March to mid-April alone and are continuing to rise.

Campspot says that camping is still on the rise – as one of the top online marketplaces for camping, it provides access to more than 180,000 campsites across the United States and Canada. In 2021, over 700,000 campers booked campsites through Campspot, and 707 new campgrounds joined the online marketplace, offering travellers even more camping options.