Dometic reveals new camping and outdoor sub-brand Dometic GO

Leading RV industry name Dometic has revealed a new sub-brand called Dometic GO, which encompasses products for camping, car camping and general outdoor use. Dometic says its Dometic GO products will enable people to effortlessly enjoy the outdoors via versatile seating, dining, storage, organisational and water supply products that work together as a unit or individually.

A statement by the company explained: “Easy to store, transport, and use, Dometic GO makes grabbing your outdoor gear simple. Whether packed up neatly in the back of your car to hit the road or stacked and stored until you’re ready to embark on your next adventure, Dometic GO is designed to be easy to store, pack, and carry.”

So what products make up Dometic GO and what makes them worth your attention?

Furniture and Comfort

Dometic GO at its core is about letting people bring home comforts into the outdoors, whether that is in a camper, a tent, or even out of the back of their car. It includes products like the Camp Table that features a large bamboo dining surface for four adults and adjustable leg height. There’s also a Compact Camp Chair to accompany the table, which is easy to fold, has a comfortable seat to hold up to 280lbs, and is strong and lightweight thanks to aluminium and heavy-duty 600D fabric construction. Elsewhere there is a Camp Blanket and Compact Camp Bench to further expand the versatility.

Camp Kitchen

Described by Dometic as ‘the only water solution you’ll ever need’ within the camp kitchen section, are the Hydration Water Jug and Faucet duo. The Water Jug’s volume-maximizing design lets you carry 11l of water — and you can fit two jugs in the size of a 20L jerry can. Designed to be easy to carry, fill, dispense, and clean, the jug has two openings that let you reach inside to scrub out the insides between uses, to ensure the safety of your water supply


And to help bring all those bits and pieces that make chilling in the outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable, Dometic GO has a storage range that includes both hard and soft luggage bags in varying sizes. All built to last with high-quality and durable materials, many of the designs have been made to easily stack on one another so they are efficient to pack in the back of your vehicle.

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