Ecommerce platform ready to stir up European market

Buying and selling online is nothing new. Yet somehow the takeoff of e-commerce has been a little slower in camping and caravanning than other markets. At least that was the view of Australian duo Paul Widdis and Kathrin Bischof. In one of those necessity is the mother of invention scenarios they launched Everything Caravan & Camping in Australia to cater to the rapid growth the markets had seen there in the aftermath of the pandemic. After just six months of success, the company decided it was time for expansion and headed off to Caravan Salon and launched their platform in Europe too.

“Europe had more than 500,000 motorhome, caravan and leisure vehicle sales last year alone, and we know Germany has had good early year results, that’s why we believe this is the right time for us to expand our Australian operations into Europe,” said Everything Caravan & Camping CEO and co-founder, Paul Widdis (pictured above left).

“We are proud to be launching our new web site with at the Caravan Salon, a worldwide recognised show for our industry, with our co-founder, Kathrin Bischof, who heads European operations.

“The advantage for European based businesses is that our Marketplacer platform gives individual manufacturers and suppliers the ability to upload details of their product offerings to the site and provide real-time views of stock availability. Customers can quickly locate the products they need and place orders for delivery.

“With more Europeans choosing to holiday domestically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe the prospects for the outdoor, caravan, motorhome and camping sector remained very strong.”

Mr Widdis said will help customers who are keen to support their local European businesses but who may not be aware that some exist. He concluded: “It’s all about helping people to find and purchase the products they need to enhance their outdoor experiences and lifestyle. With our technology platform we can provide Europeans with the latest caravan, camping and motorhome products and services.”