Knaus Tabbert launches new Europe-wide advertising initiative

Leading German leisure vehicle producer Knaus Tabbert has launched a new, innovative Europe-wide advertising campaign that it hopes will help to advise and promote carvanning to newcomers as well as support its 400+ trading partners to help them make up for lost business during the coronavirus pandemic.

The ‘We Are Holidays’ campaign will be a multi-channel campaign that will target a wide range of demographics utilising television commercials, print advertising in relevant media, out-of-home advertising on billboards and consistent output online via social media. The program is supported by its own website and will culminate in trade open dealer days from 7 June to 13 June, where participating dealers will provide advice on site throughout Europe where possible. Furthermore, they will provide a sophisticated form of digital product advice via messenger and video apps to present to all interested parties who cannot take part in person all the advantages of individual models in a comprehensive and lively manner which, to date, has only been possible via personal meetings.

Gerd Adamietzki, director and CSO of Knaus Tabbert, said: “Presence in the media is important now more than ever. By way of this spectacular advertising drive – which runs at the same time in Europe – we want to offer a guide to many interested parties and potential new customers and better inform them about our strong product brands as well as the innovative power of Knaus Tabbert.”

The campaign will be pushing all five of Knaus Tabbert’s brands including Knaus, Tabbert, Weinsberg, [email protected] and rental brand Rent and Travel. The overall expected scope of the campaign is estimated to be about 300 million contacts.