Leadership changes announced at SuperSprings International

Leading suspension expert SuperSprings International (SSI) has announced leadership changes within the company that will see president Adam Weisner and director of marketing Tom Bateman leave the company. Effective 1 August, Adam is leaving SSI to take up a position as CEO of a company within the financial sector, which is committed to donating 51 per cent of its profits to furthering the Christian gospel. Tom will be joining Adam at this unnamed company.

Adam said: “I’m eager to see what the next five years may bring. I have no idea, but I’m ready for the adventure. What I do know is that God is good, His plans are beautiful, and I trust them fully.

“When I joined SuperSprings International, Inc. five years ago, I had no idea how much I would come to love this place and the people here. I’d spent my entire career in financial services and never expected that the Lord would lead me and my family to join a suspension company. I can say now that these have been the best career years of my life, and seeing all that we have accomplished as a team together during that time brings me deep joy.”

Adam Weisner and Tom Bateman.

SSI has spent the past five years building a globally recognized and sought-after brand that has proven to shape the automotive aftermarket industry and has grown consumer demand for the product by over 400 per cent. SSI continues to be the most followed brand on social media within the helper spring suspension category. Before the change, Weisner and Bateman will be leading the search to fill the role of Director of Marketing that will be left vacant.

SSI CEO Gerry Lamberti added: “Where we are as a company today has a lot to do with the contributions of Adam and Tom. We wish them well on the very heartfelt road ahead.”