Primus launches free product repair sustainability campaign

Swedish outdoor and camping stove expert Primus has launched a campaign to offer free spare parts to owners of its products in a bid to encourage a ‘better to repair than replace’ culture. The company, which was founded in 1892, claims that looking after and maintaining gear so it lasts for many years has always been a core part of its philosophy and it has become concerned with the throw-away culture bred by mass consumerism. It hopes it can help amplify the trend for consumers showing interest in sustainable brands and products by offering free instructions and spare parts to any Primus stove owner until 31 March 2021.

A statement by the company explained: “Primus follows the premise ‘it’s better to repair than replace’ and offers spare parts not only for current models, but also for selected older stoves. It’s only natural for certain parts to wear out over time, a jet nipple gets lost on a trip, a screw thread becomes damaged or the stove gets dirty and starts showing signs of use. For this reason, all Primus stoves are designed so that cleaning, maintenance or repairs can be done very easily at home. This eliminates the need to dispose of the stove for a minor reason and ensures that Primus stoves can accompany their owner for a lifetime of trips outdoors.”

It is estimated that 55 to 65 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions are caused buy the careless use of resources and products, so by extending the life of existing products this can have a substantially positive impact on the environment.

Primus is calling on all outdoor adventurers who own one of Its stoves to take advantage of its pre-season campaign to test their stove and get advice and free-parts to repair it themselves if needed. If you have a trekking or expedition stove that needs a part replacing, you contact Primus here, with a detailed description of the problem plus accompanying pictures/video.

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