Report emphasises importance of pull-through chargers for RVs

A report produced by the RV Industry Association (RVIA) and engineering firm Black and Veatch insists that federal funding should be used to install pull-through electric chargers in the United States for RV users. The ‘Reimagining the EV Charging Landscape to Support Future Innovation’ report lays out the current electric vehicle landscape, the consumer’s need for pull-through charging, and the importance of designing for pull-through charging. The document concludes that the momentum in electric vehicle sales and adoption across the United States can only be sustained if the entire electric vehicle consumer population can access convenient, safe charging infrastructure along interstates, highway corridors, and near popular destinations, including in rural communities that RVers frequent.

The RVIA’s vice president of government affairs, Jason Rano, said: “Our team has been working to ensure that RVs are not left behind during the transition to electric vehicles. This report outlines the importance of establishing more RV-accessible pull-through charging stations for consumers. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deploy EV charging nationwide and the need already exists with RVers already pulling their RVs with electric vehicles.

“This paper and financial analysis shows decision makers, charging companies, and site hosts who are making decisions today that will impact the design of EV charging stations for years to come the importance and value of accounting for RVers and other medium and heavy-duty vehicles.”

In addition, the report points out that RVers who drive an electric vehicle and pull a towable RV will need to charge more frequently given the impact that towing has on an electric vehicle’s range. These RVers will be seeking out charging more frequently, ultimately spending more time and money at charging sites.

“If you build it, they will come,” said Rano. “EV drivers, out of necessity, are planners. Site hosts that cater to RVers with pull-through charging will reap the financial rewards.”