Study reveals top trending camping destinations on TikTok

New research by online camping booking platform has revealed the top 20 countries where camping content is most watched on popular social media platform TikTok. South American nation Colombia topped the poll with more than 50 million views of the #camping hashtag on the video sharing platform, with the UK (38 million), Australia (11 million), Mexico (9 million) and Brazil (5 million) making up the rest of the top five.

Pitchup’s research has revealed that the #camping hashtag has had more than 10.7 billion views worldwide, showing that TikTok is fast becoming a very important communication space for the camping industry, especially for younger demographics. It also proves a claim made by Statista that TikTok and other similar social media platforms are replacing Google as the way in which people search for travel ideas and inspiration. Travel company Arrivia backs this up by with its own study that found that almost one in three travellers turn to social media for holiday inspiration.

Pitchup’s report said of Colombia: “The country’s diverse natural landscapes and slew of National Parks gives adventurists the opportunity to go camping in exotic locations such as in the desert, surrounded by mountains or by the ocean, as well as overlooking stunning lakes and even rainforest. This unique scenery may be just one of the reasons why videos of camping and campsites in Colombia have the most views on the platform.”

The data in the report was determined by calculating the total view counts of thousands of camping-related hashtags per location on the app to rank the most watched destinations around the world and in the UK. The TikTok data used English written hashtags only. Each of the total view counts found by Pitchup are accurate as of August 11th, 2022. View the report in full here.