Two key acquisitions for DexKo Global

Global leader in highly engineered running gear, chassis assemblies and related components DexKo Global has made two significant acquisitions in two months in the shape of The Expediter LLC and Progress Mfg. Inc. Both acquisitions were completed via Dexko Global’s whollu owned subsidiary Dexter Axle Company, with the Progress occurring in December 2021 and The Expediter occurring this month.

Progress is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, custom-engineered, safety-critical towing and trailering products, such as integrated sway control and weight distribution hitches. Fred Bentley, CEO of DexKo Global, said: “The products and people at Progress make a great addition to the Dexter portfolio, rounding out an already diverse offering. Together, Dexter and Progress will be able to further support our collective customers. We look forward to working with the Progress team to continue to offer innovative new towing solution products.”

The Expediter is a premier source for wholesale trailer parts, braking systems, towing solutions, suspensions and trailer electrical parts and has been supplying dealers, wholesale and OEM customers since 1979, with a particularly strong showing in the RV industry.

Adam Dexter, president and CEO of Dexter, said: “Bringing The Expediter into the Dexter Distribution Group provides a strategic location in South Florida that will help to better serve our combined customers while also continuing to build on the success and growth of the business.”

Sven Magnuson, operations manager of The Expediter, added: “We are proud to combine the legacy of our own family business with that of Dexter's. The Expediter has worked with Dexter Axle and its other companies for nearly 40 years. This partnership combines extensive experience and resources from both sides, that together will prove to serve our customers with the level of service and quality products they need to succeed.”