7 tips to improve your online camping industry business

The world of doing business online has been rapidly evolving over the last decade, and this year more than ever, it’s critical that you are doing it right. Even if you don’t actually sell anything online, creating a rewarding and engaging interactive experience for your customers or potential customers online is absolutely imperative to success in modern business. And that’s before you even consider that for a large chunk of this year in most countries around the world, people couldn’t even visit camping shops, exhibitions, or caravan and motorhome showrooms. Quite simply, if you’re online customer experience isn’t up to scratch you’ll be getting left behind. So, how can you make sure it’s at the top of its game? Here are some tips…


1. It’s all about content

Engaging and interesting content is perhaps more important than the products your website is promoting. Consider how you can best create this – think blogs, think advice articles and videos, think anything that sells the experience of the industry you’re in. This will drive traffic to your site, including those who aren’t necessarily even looking to buy from you.

2. Service doesn’t have to suffer

Your online customer service can be just as excellent as it would be at your headquarters or in a dealer or shop. Explore the different ways you can interact with your customers and their enquiries online – emails, phone numbers, online chats, FAQs, even explanatory videos – they could all help.

3. Keep it clear and concise

Sometimes it can be easy to flood your website with data and information on your products that can become a bit of a minefield for visitors. Not everyone is looking for the exact detail – your top level of info on a product or service should be clear and concise, with the option to dive deeper if the consumer wants to. This won’t scare off casual visitors.

4. Fresh is best

People will return to your website more often if it has regularly updated content. More precisely, if it looks different every time they visit it. If you aren’t great at churning out lots of different content, then consider which bits you highlight and rotate through them so it creates a different experience every time people visit.

5. Get to know your customers

One of the best ways to tailor your online offering to the needs of your customers is to (legally) capture their data where possible. This means you can create targeted marketing aimed at different demographics or change your overall tact to suit what people want and expect from your brand.

6. Start a community

One of the best ways to ensure consumers have a great time on your website is by making them feel like they’re part of the family. Have a go at creating an online community where your fans and customers can contribute their own content and feel valued. Even something as simple as a customer photo gallery is a great place to start.

7. Mix up your media

Try to vary the content you create. Some of it could be written word, some photos, some videos. It’s important to have a mix of content to pique the interest of your visitors and ensure they don’t get bored and skip over something that might influence their buying decision. A great camping example is virtual walkthroughs of camping units.