Adria breaks the rules

Is it a luxury caravan? Is it a mobile home? It’s not quite Superman, but it’s pretty close. The new Adria Astella has been a hot talking point in the industry since its unveiling earlier this year. Adria launched the product with the aim of creating something like no other – a hybrid unit that can be set up like a static caravan but can also be towed when you need to. The only limit on how it is used is in the user’s imagination.

Boasting an unusual design with clean lines and well utilised inside space, the Astella was created via what its project leader Erna Povh describes as: “a deep dive into the holiday experience we wanted to deliver.” She claims that the team working on the Astella turned all conventional wisdom on its head and broke all the rules. Erna added: “The result is a really innovative and unique home. Some would view it as a caravan, albeit a luxorious one, because you can tow it like any regular caravan. Others see it in the same light as a mobile home, a static caravan if you like. Whatever you decide to call it, we want people to think of it as their own luxurious holiday home, set down where they most like to spend their time, but moveable at the end of the holiday season, or just when they want to move location.”

The unit features large, free flowing yet connected interior spaces that benefit from high-quality fittings and fixtures. Examples like Corian worktops and modern appliances in the kitchen show this just as well as the media controller, USB sockets, LED contour lighting, and Octasprings mattresses.

On the outside, the design has been made using proven aerodynamics, despite its more boxy shape – Adria in fact used what it has learned from the aerospace industry to achieve this. There are also integrated windows and panoramic doors to ensure excellent natural light and ventilation.

Quite simply, Adria pulled out all of the stops. And that has been echoed by the industry with the recent awards that the unit has had bestowed upon it. A Red Dot Design Award, a Gold Award from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, a Best of the Best award from Automotive Brand Contest, and two European Innovation Awards at the CMT v Stuttgart trade show have all been given to the Astella, proving just how innovative a creation it is.