Converters flock to Mercedes-Benz Citan as micro-camper solution

Mercedes-Benz vans is laying the foundation for further growth in the micro-camper sector with the success of its new Citan van, which is rapidly becoming popular with campervan converters across Europe. The design of the new Citan is allowing campervan converters flexibility to create unique layouts and designs in the vehicle, which in turn is allowing more people to take advantage of these cheaper and flexible form of campervan use.

Klaus Rehkugler, head of sales and marketing for Mercedes-Benz Vans, said: “The motorhome market is essential for Mercedes‑Benz Vans. We expand our presence continuously and work closely with various motorhome manufacturers around the world. The brand new generation of the Citan is another milestone here. We are very pleased that our customers can already select between various mirco-camper conversion solutions just a few weeks after the new Citan was released for sale.”

A great example of the flexibility that the new Citan offers is demonstrated by Swiss vehicle conversion specialist SORTIMO and Germany company VanEssa mobilcamping. The two companies each have their own system to help you to turn your daily driver into a micro-camper and back again in a few easy steps – the overriding principle in the van life scene. 

The SORTIMO set-up features the company’s multifunction box that provides a two-in-one kitchen and bed unit into the rear of the Citan. The kitchen unit uses a drawer system and features include a sink system, two-ring removable gas cooker and a drawer for cooking utensils. Optionally available is a coolbox which can also be integrated in the kitchen unit. The bed system is installed above the kitchen unit. Meanwhile a roof tent installed on the roofbars can add additional sleeping space for up to two adults. 

In the VanEssa set-up, a kitchen system is installed in the rear of the Citan, which is also based on a drawer system and comprises, among other things, an integrated gas cooker, a sink system and an optional coolbox. There is also enough space for crockery, pots and pans, and supplies. With the VanEssa sleeping system, the rear of the new Citan can be transformed into a comfortable bed in just a few simple steps. The system carrier is lashed in place in the luggage compartment and unfolds into a large bed. 

These two companies show how creative and innovative converters are becoming and how base vehicle manufacturers are keen to make their vans flexible and multi-purpose.