Eye-catching off-road adventure campervan revealed by Hymer

At Caravan Salon in 2019, way before the word pandemic was even in anyone’s day-to-day vocabulary, Germany leisure vehicle expert Hymer unveiled its Vision Venture concept. Known as a very traditional motorhome producer, Hymer challenged itself to change its thinking and respond to new trends, new demographics, and new needs and wants of the market of today and the future. The next step in that programme was revealed today in the shape of the Hymer Venture S off-roader campervan – bringing the concept first shown in 2019 into reality. Packed with innovations such as the unique Instant Loft – a pneumatic pop-top roof including integrated stairway – as well as the striking tailgate with its real glass Infinity Screen that offers 180-degree panoramic views and an exclusive sun deck, the Venture S looks wildly different to most of Hymer’s previous vehicles and also much of what is available on the market today.

“With the Venture S we have reimagined motorhoming from the ground up while drawing inspiration from the needs and ideas of the van-life community,” said Christian Bauer, president of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG. “The result is a completely new category of motorhome which we are now launching on the market – driven by the outstanding feedback on our concept vehicle and supported by the expertise of our company – after only a short development phase.”

Based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with all-wheel-drive and studded tires, the camper looks striking from the outside. But it’s inside where things really get interesting with the aforementioned Istant Loft that is accessed via a permanent staircase that doubles up a great storage. The pop-top roof on this loft inflates in three minutes thanks to a powerful compressor and even features a mattress that can have its firmness adjusted via the Hymer Connect app.

The Venture S also includes a unique home office concept for anyone looking to combine self-sufficient travel with the ability to work on the move. In a matter of seconds, the desk integrated into the side wall behind the passenger’s seat can be set up as an individual workstation under the flexible skylight, creating the perfect environment for focused, location-independent working.

The industry has been talking a lot about the future of leisure vehicles, but few have made the dramatic strides and changes in philosophy that Hymer has in recent years. The Venture S is available to order now, and you should be able to see it at the upcoming Caravan Salon 2022 show too.